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Even though we were not really happy that our transmission to stop working, the people at the AAMCO were nothing but nice and caring. We took our vehicle to a Firestone (Polaris Parkway) when our truck was not shifting correctly. Firestone checked it out and said it was the transmission. Said they can do the work, but would cost more than to just take it to a transmission shop. We were very grateful that they told us this. I found this AAMCO and called them up on Thursday morning. The towing of the vehicle is included in any transmission work they do, so that prevented us from having to use our insurance roadside assistance. They said that within 2 hours of getting the vehicle they would call me back with the diagnosis. I received call that day and in fact we needed to get our transmission rebuilt. When reviewing prices for transmissions on-line, the cost of our repairs fell right in line with the average cost to rebuilt a transmission. Also they had a $100 off coupon on the AAMCO website. The work comes with a 12monht/12,000 mile warranty. They do offer a 36 month/36,000 mile one and a lifetime warranty at an extra cost. When we picked up the truck Monday evening (3 business days) we were happy to finally meet Manny who kept me updated along the way. For a job so large, they were able to get our truck back basically in 2 working days. The 1st day was mostly getting the vehicle there and diagnosing the problem. Manny even advised us to come back in 400 miles to have the vehicle checked out to make sure all seals and transmission was working properly. Hopefully we will not need their services again anytime soon, but if we do, we will be back. I encourage anyone that needs to get transmission work done in the Columbus, OH area, to check them out.

Jamie O. | Feb 2015